Having found John Paul Silva’s WWI Draft Card I did some research on the Honolulu Plantation Company in Aiea, HI. I discovered that Aiea has a cemetery that is searchable on Find A Grave. I searched Find A Grave’s Aiea Cemetery using Silva and da Silva as the surname. Both searches proved to be negative in their results.

This is probably an incomplete search. According to a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article about the cemetery, “The state has found about 475 grave sites, nearly 200 of them with unknown identities. But Dobson said one former caretaker estimated that as many as 3,000 people were buried at Aiea Cemetery.” Find A Grave’s user contributed database only has 310 interments.

It is possible that she is one of the 165 people (assuming there’s no duplication in Find A Grave) not in the Find A Grave database, or that she is one of the many people burried in unmarked graves. It is also possible that she is not burried in that graveyard at all. Another possiblity is that the grave marker has her maiden name which is presently unknown.