This discovery starts with a discovery back at the Madeiran Archives. I was searching the passport database for Lucrécia’s passport entry. I searched using her parent’s name (António Pedro de Melim & Margarida de Castro) as the search criteria. I was supprised to find out that one of her brothers applied for his passport at the same time as she did with Guilherme da Silva. Here’s what I found:
Petitioner: Anacleto António de Melim
Spouse: Maria da Piedade da Paixão
Parish/Country: Porto Santo-RAM
Destination: Hawai
Year: 1907
Month: Abr
Box: 136
Process Nº: 169
Passport Nº: 735
Date of Baptism (Petitioner): 6/7/1862
Age (Petitioner): 35
Father (Petitioner): António Pedro de Melim
Mother (Petitioner): Margarida de Castro
Father (Spouse): José da Paixão Coelho e Silva
Mother (Spouse): Ludovina das Neves
Name of the Children: Georgina (8 anos), Júlia (6 anos), Maria (4 anos) e Germana (2 anos)
Comments: 1.ª saída.

I checked the microfilm printout that I have for Guilherme da Silva and discovered that Anacleto was listed right after them. I didn’t realize this at the time, especially given that his name is Anónio on the record.

Time passed and I was exploring collateral lines to futher my genealogical research. I found him in’s California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957. He was listed under Aceeto a Melin which is a transcription error. But his wife and children are all on the ship. Here’s the link to the file: SS Wilhelmina Alien Passenger List.

They sailed from Honolulu, Hawaii on Nov 20th 1917 and arrived in San Francisco, California on the 27th of November 1917. The ship they sailed on has so much history that I will have a page for the SS Wilhelmina up shortly.