This is one of my brickwalls that I thought I would pick up again and take a look at it with fresh eyes. I found her name to be Clara Rosa on’s California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957. I thought I would try searching the Madeira Archives databases for baptism, passport, and marriage records.

I searched the marriage database using Clara Rosa for the Wife, and José for the husband. The results provided no positive results. I searched the baptism database using Clara Rosa as the mother and no other search criteria. This resulted in no hits.

Now I searched the passport database which was a little more interesting. I did not use the advanced search. I just put Clara Rosa in the search field and searched. There were only 10 matches, and only one that fit chronologically.

Petitioner António de Nóbrega
Spouse **
Companion Clara Rosa de Jesus
Kinship Irmã
Parish/Country Caniço-RAM
Destination Hawai
Year 1883
Box 36
Process Nº 22
Passport Nº 329
Date of Baptism (Petitioner) 5/20/1852
Age (Petitioner) 30
Father (Petitioner) João de Nóbrega
Mother (Petitioner) Domingas Rosa de Jesus
Father (Spouse)
Mother (Spouse)
Name of the Children
Comments Estado civil: solteiro.

Now this is very interesting because, as I have previously posted, I have found a possible match for José Soares. If the above noted record belongs to Clara, they would have traveled at similar times. They both would have been single at the time they traveled to Hawaii. This is a possibility.

Now the question becomes could someone misunderstand de Jesus for Delae? I have been suspicious of this name for a while. It is not a Portuguese name. I got Delae from the death certificate of Rosa Soares, one of Clara’s daughters. Her husband João provided the information to the recorder. Now I know my wife’s mother’s maiden name, so it is possible that João knew it too. Is it possible that someone thought they heard Delae when he said de Jesus?