I received a letter in the mail from the Social Security administration.  At first I thought it was another one of those phony Statement of Benefits for Social Security.  You know the forms that make it look like I am paying into a system and accruing benefits.  They are very misleading but that is beside the point. 

I opened the envelope and was pleasantly surprised to find my FOIA request response was enclosed.  It included a copy of the original application for the Social Security number that I found for Alfred Soares.  I have scanned this copy and have posted it with this entry.

There are a few interesting points to abstract from this document. 

  • Alfred Soares filled it out himself and signed it
  • It is dated 5-28-47
  • He was 28 years old when he filled it out and was living at 1921 19th street in Bakersfield CA 
  • He has no middle name
  • He was employed at Guso (Gusa?) Cafe of Bakersfield CA
  • He was born on 12-8-18 in the Hawaiian Islands (no other details listed)
  • His parents were Tony (Dany?) Maranes & Julia Soares
  • His full name given at birth was Alfred Soares (interesting fact because his father’s last name was Maranes)

Now this information comes close to and coincides with the information provided by the Cochran Mortuary’s records.  When I was looking over this information it struck me that José and Clara Soares, Alfred’s adopted parents had a daughter named Julia.  She was born about 1892 and did not leave Hawaii with the rest of the family.  Then I wondered if Alfred was the son of Julia and was adopted by his Grandparents.  Julia would have been about 26 year old in 1918 when Alfred was born which makes it a possibility.

It also opens some new questions.  If this is the same Alfred Soares, what is he doing in Bakersfield, CA.  His family was living in Oakland, CA as far as I knew.  This Alfred Soares ended up in Wichita KS where he died without family.  Questions about employment and moving come to mind.

Unfortunately the SS-5 does not shed any light on the mystery of Clara Delae.  There is still a good chance that we have the wrong Alfred Soares.  So right now it is filed under possibility, along with all the related information.