One of my to do’s was to look up the Soares family (again) in the 1900 census. Why did I need to do that? Well the image I had was from HeritageQuest and I was unable to read certain parts. I still tip my hat to HeritageQuest because they had scanned images that were available if you had a library card. Well I moved away and lost my HeritageQuest access. I’m too poor (or cheap) to purchase an subscription so I put it on my to do list hoping that the Ancestry library edition had the 1900 census. And it sat on my to do list until today.

I was poking around the FamilySearch Labs and saw that they are working on a new FamilySearch site (not to be confused with – it’s totally different). Well I tried out the FamilySearch beta and found my census image. It was really easy to get to and the image was very clear.