A couple of posts back I mentioned searching a film that I requested from the Family History Library.  Well today I spent a couple minutes extracting information from the records.  I was looking at the marriage record for Antonio de Melim to Margarida de Castro.  In this record, it states Antonio’s mother is name Escolastica dos Santos.  This was news to me.  I never found that last name before for Escolastica, so I began looking into Escolastica.

Her husband’s name (according to the same record) is Pedro de Melim.  A quick search on the Arquivo Regional da Maderia’s (ARM) using “Pedro%” as the husband and “Escolástica%” as the wife and “Porto Santo” as the parish returned only one search result.  It is:

Husband (*) 


Wife (*) 


Parish (*) 


year (*) 


Book (*) 


Leaf (*) 


Pedro de Melim de Vasconcelos 


Escolástica da Conceição 


Porto Santo 








Well there’s another surname.  I am reasonably sure this is my ancestor’s marriage record in their data base.    I then looked in the ARM’s baptism database searching for “Escolástica” for the son [sic] field and “%Santos%” as the father.  This search also returned only one hit:


Son (*)



Father (*)



Mother (*)



Parish (*)



Date (*)



Book (*)



Leaf (*)






António dos Santos de Oliveira Júnior



Maria da Encarnação



Porto Santo









101 v.º



Hmmm.  So Escolastica dos Santos could be the daughter of Antonio dos Santos and Maria da Encarnacao (which could be da Conceição?).  If she is the same as Escolastica the wife of Pedro de Melim she would have been about 22 years old when she was married.  Antonio Pedro was christened in 1823 so Escolastica would be 29.  This is possible.  The youngest sibling of Antonion Pedro de Melim that I have found was christened in 1835.  Escolastica would be about 41 years old when this child was born.  This definitely needs to be looked into further.  If this Escolastica dos Santos is the same Escolastica the mother of Antonio Pedro de Melim, then I have just discovered another generation.