This find begins with searching for information about Clara’s husband, José Soares. I am concerned with the accuracy of Jose Soares birth year in my research.  I have reviewed the evidence that I have and have yet to find where the date I currently have came from.

I was using the Ancestry app on my smart phone and I noticed that José and Clara’s son Joseph had a “hint.”  When I looked at the 1930 hint it was clear that I had found Clara.  The piece of information that was a giveaway was the presence of their adopted son Alfred Soares.  Here is the record:

1930 Census - SOARES, Joseph jr

A couple of things are very interesting with this record.  She was living in her son’s home at 1812 East 15th Street in current day Oakland California.  The Zillow listing for this house states the home was built in 1903.  The family was living at 1912 East 14th Street (present day Marin Way) in 1920, which is about a 2 minute walk away.  She is listed as married (not widowed) though her husband is not in the household.  Her son Manuel is also living in the household.  

She is listed as immigrating to the United States in 1875 which is something that is inconsistent with other records.  She has an “Na” in the naturalized column which I am interpreting as short for naturalized.  This gives another possible source to research to learn more about Clara.  

Her son Joseph worked as a tin-platter in a can company and Manual was a salesman at a cigar store.