I was searching the Madeira Archives for information related to my 2nd great uncle António de Melim.

All I currently know about him is from his christening record (http://www.arquivo-madeira.org/pesquisa/baptismo/index.php?id=31205).  He was christened on 24 March 1869 and based on the note died 26 June 1949 at age 80.  I knew his parents were a match due to his parents marriage record (http://armdigital.arquivo-madeira.org/armdigital/component/armd/?view=item&prq=PT-ARM-PPST01%2F2%2F997&livro=997&folha=120) which gives the name António Pedro de Melim e Vasconcelos as the husband.

I searched for his name in the marriage record database assuming the parish would be Porto Santo because why would his death be noted in the christening record if he didn’t stay there all his life.

There were 33 results matching the criteria.  I sorted by name and looked for a marriage that seemed plausible.  To reproduce the search go to: http://www.arquivo-madeira.org/pesquisa/casamento/index.php?marido=Ant%F3nio%20de%20Melim&mulher=&paroquia=44&data=&livro=&ord=ma.

Looking over the results I found one that seemed to be a match: http://www.arquivo-madeira.org/pesquisa/casamento/index.php?id=496794.  The record is:

  • Ano:
  • Data: 1893
  • Paróquia / Conservatória: Porto Santo
  • MARIDO: António Pedro de Melim
  • Pai:
  • Mãe:
  • MULHER: Maria de Oliveira
  • Pai:
  • Mãe:
  • Livro: 6327
  • Folha: 12 v.º
  • Obs:

A quick search of the baptismal records suggests that António Pedro de Melim and Maria de Oliveira had at least 5 children


Pai Mãe Filho Paroquia Ano Livro Folha
António Pedro de Melim Maria de Oliveira João Porto Santo 16-12-1894 9008 A 50 Link
António Pedro de Melim Maria de Oliveira Manuel Porto Santo 20-06-1897 9011 A 28 Link
António Pedro de Melim Júnior Maria de Oliveira António Porto Santo 02-02-1902 9016 A 3 A v.º Link
António Pedro de Melim Júnior Maria de Oliveira Pedro Porto Santo 13-02-1910 9024 A 9 v.º Link
António Pedro de Melim Júnior Maria de Oliveira* José Porto Santo 09-02-1908 9022 A 5 Link

To confirm that this is indeed a match I would need to request film 1162303 from the Family History Library and review the marriage record details to see if his parents are listed.