Familias da Madeira e Porto Santo
I need to search these volumes for all family names to see if they have anything that would be helpful.

Full Citation: Vaz, Fernando de Meneses. Familias da Madeira e Porto Santo. Funchal, Madeira: Junta Geral do Distrito Autónomo do Funchal (1964). New York Public Library: Humanities – History & Genealogy collection. ASO (Madeira) 76-883 v. 1-10.

Lakeview Cemetery Lookup
I need to do further research to get the birth date of Alfred Soares who is buried in this cemetery.  Here’s the blog post describing what is known.

Madeiran Regional Archives – Judicial Proceedings Database
I searched this database on 17 February 2008 and found no hits. I need to check back on this database to see if they add any more records.