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Alfred Soares

Alfred Soares SS-5

I received a letter in the mail from the Social Security administration.  At first I thought it was another one of those phony Statement of Benefits for Social Security.  You know the forms that make it look like I am paying into a system and accruing benefits.  They are very misleading but that is beside the point. 

I opened the envelope and was pleasantly surprised to find my FOIA request response was enclosed.  It included a copy of the original application for the Social Security number that I found for Alfred Soares.  I have scanned this copy and have posted it with this entry.

There are a few interesting points to abstract from this document. 

  • Alfred Soares filled it out himself and signed it
  • It is dated 5-28-47
  • He was 28 years old when he filled it out and was living at 1921 19th street in Bakersfield CA 
  • He has no middle name
  • He was employed at Guso (Gusa?) Cafe of Bakersfield CA
  • He was born on 12-8-18 in the Hawaiian Islands (no other details listed)
  • His parents were Tony (Dany?) Maranes & Julia Soares
  • His full name given at birth was Alfred Soares (interesting fact because his father’s last name was Maranes)

Now this information comes close to and coincides with the information provided by the Cochran Mortuary’s records.  When I was looking over this information it struck me that José and Clara Soares, Alfred’s adopted parents had a daughter named Julia.  She was born about 1892 and did not leave Hawaii with the rest of the family.  Then I wondered if Alfred was the son of Julia and was adopted by his Grandparents.  Julia would have been about 26 year old in 1918 when Alfred was born which makes it a possibility.

It also opens some new questions.  If this is the same Alfred Soares, what is he doing in Bakersfield, CA.  His family was living in Oakland, CA as far as I knew.  This Alfred Soares ended up in Wichita KS where he died without family.  Questions about employment and moving come to mind.

Unfortunately the SS-5 does not shed any light on the mystery of Clara Delae.  There is still a good chance that we have the wrong Alfred Soares.  So right now it is filed under possibility, along with all the related information.


A response from Cochran Mortuary about Alfred Soares

So I received an email today from the Cochran Mortuary. Here is the email:

Mr. Silva:

I have found an Alfred Soares. My records don’t show any family surviving. Only a conservator and a friend that stepped forward to take care of him in death. Based on some of the information you have supplied me, I believe this is the same Alfred Soares. Below is the limited information I found.

Alfred J. Soares
Address at death: 2051 S. Kansas, Wichita, KS 67211
Date and Place of Birth: December 8, 1918 in Oahu, Hawaii
Date and Place of Death: April 28, 1986 at home
Place of Burial: Lakeview Cemetery in Wichita, Garden of Gethsemane II, Lot 8, Grave 11
Parents Names: Father: Manuel Monez, Mother: Julia Soares

I don’t know how accurate the names and information is, again, Mr. Soares did not have any family that stepped forward to take care of him in death. Our information came from a conservator and a friend.

I hope this information helps. I am sorry I don’t have any further information for you.

The Cochran Family
by: Todd A. Phifer

Source Citation: Todd A. Phifer <>, “Re: Genealogy Research” e-mail to author, sent 22 April 2008.

Very interesting! So he thinks this is a match. The information is not from the most reliable sources, but he thinks it is a match.

So to recap why there is a good chance that this is a match: He was born in Hawaii with an exact match on the birth date. His social security number is from California. Now the names may be his birth parents and not his adopted parents. I think the next step is to send away for his social security application. I’m very excited about this. This might help me solve my brickwall.

Emailed Cochran Mortuary About Alfred Soares

I sent a second email to the Cochran Mortuary for more information on Alfred Soares.  I hope that they respond.  The mortuary need to know my relation to the deceased before releasing any information.  Alfred Soares is my great granduncle.  I hope that although I am not a direct descendant, the mortuary will provide me with some information.  If not I will have to post a cemetery lookup request to the local genealogical society or something like that.  It’s tough being so close.  At the same time, the mortuary is a business and answering these kinds of data requests are understandably not the top priority.  I’ll keep you posted.

Grave Location of Alfred Soares

I received a reply from the Lakeview Funeral Home Assistant Manager/Funeral Director. See Update: The Continuing Saga of Alfred Soares for more history on this request. She gave me the location of Alfred Soares’ grave in the Lakeview Cemetery in Wichita Kansas. Here’s what he wrote:

Alfred Soares grave location is:
Garden: Gethsemane II
Lot: 8
Space: 11

Source Citation: Sean D. Myers <>, “RE: Contact Request Form From Lakeview Funeral Home and Cemetery about Products:” e-mail to author, sent 11 April 2008.

Update: The Continuing Saga of Alfred Soares

On April 8th I received a reply form the Lakeview Cemetery. Here is what they had to say:

The obit you sent tells me that Cochran Mortuary handled the service for that person. You may try contacting them, as they would have a lot more information in their records than we do. I will get you the grave location later this afternoon.

Thank you for your online inquiry.

So I have been waiting for the grave location information from them. Nothing yet. I sent a nice email to them.  hopefully they will respond.

I also sent a quick email to the Cochran Mortuary. Hopefully this will yield some useful information.

The Continuing Saga of Alfred Soares

I have continued my research by emailing the cemetery listed in the obituary for more information. I am hoping that I can get a birth date from the tombstone. This would help me determine if this is the Alfred Soares that I am looking for or some other Alfred Soares.

I am not certain that the form I filled out goes to someone that can answer my request. It might go to the sales department. I don’t have any family (or close family) in Wichita Kansas and so I don’t see myself buried there. It does look like a nice cemetery however. I will make another post if/when I hear from the cemetery.

An Interesting Possibility for Alfred Soares Part III

So I gave in and paid the $3.00 to further my research. Here’s what the obituary had to say:

Wichita Eagle, The (KS) – April 30, 1986

Deceased Name: ALFRED J. SOARES
ALFRED J. SOARES, 67, of 2051 S. Kansas, former Beech Aircraft Corp. employee, died Monday, April 28, 1986. Service 3 p.m. Thursday, Lakeview Cemetery. Cochran Mortuary.

Wichita Eagle, The (KS)
Date: April 30, 1986
Page: 4D
Record Number: 8601180700
Copyright (c) 1986 The Wichita Eagle

It didn’t mention anything about the family which was disappointing but it did have some good information. So the Alfred Soares featured in this obituary was 67 when he died. This fits with my Alfred Soares. I have that he was born on December 8th 1918. He would have been 67 on April 28th 1986. So I have not found any evidence to rule this out as a possibility. I am not certain that this is him, because there is a whole range of dates (one years worth in fact) that could work.

I searched USGenWeb and Find a Grave to see if by some chance there was an entry for Alfred, and there was not. I am going to have to do further research before I make a conclusion on these facts.

Updated 7 April 2008 – The Wichita Public Library emailed me the above information later today.  I placed a research request to the reference librarian and she responded.  I wish I would have waited a few more days.

An Interesting Possibility for Alfred Soares Part II

So I decided to try to find the obituary.  It seems like the Wichita’s newspaper is the Eagle.  After a quick Google search for the Wichita Eagle Archives I found  I searched using Alfred Soares as the name of the deceased and April 1986 as the publication date.  There was only one hit for an Alfred J. Soares published in The Wichita Eagle (KS) – April 30, 1986. Hmmmmm.  Then I find out you need an account.  $2.95 for the obituary is tempting, but I think I’m going to check out the library to see if they have an account.   It is a newsbank service.

I have checked our library and they do not have a subscription to that service.  I do see that the Wichita Public Library does.  I will be emailing their Genealogy and Local History reference librarian to see if they will do the look-up for me latter today.  It is to be so close though.  That $2.95 is really tempting!

An Interesting Possibility for Alfred Soares (Adopted Son of José and Clara Soares)

I was setting out to try to do some research for Alfred Soares.  He is the adopted son of José and Clara Soares.  I know he was born in Wailuku on 12/8/18 from’s California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957.  From other entries the birth date is Dec 8th 1918.  He was on the SS SACHEM with the rest of the Soares Family in 1919.  He is also on the 1920 Census in Oakland, California.  Well Ancestry’s Hints had a hit in the Social Security Death Index for an Alfred Soares.  Here’s what their record states:

Name: Alfred Soares
SSN: 568-38-1207
Last Residence: 67204  Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, United States of America
Born: 8 Dec 1918
Died: Apr 1986
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

It’s interesting to get an exact match on the birth date.  The Social Security Number was issued in California, which is plausible.  The last residence in Witchita Kansas is news to me.  It might be correct.  I should look for an obituary to see if this is really my Alfred Soares.  If it is I have his Social and might be able to use that to get information about his adopted mother.

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